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My never ending dilemma feels like a conspiracy.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FraserPike, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. gjrc


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    just move out ASAP at your own convenience. they have no leg to stand on with regard your lease, the flat is unfit for purpose.
  2. Thekwango


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    looking at the ops pic that cover says driveway slap bang in the middle of it. i had a quick google and can't find a company caleld 'driveway' who make these covers so would it be too obvious to suggest that that cover is meant for use on driveways and not in someones damn room?!
    op, as said above contact your local mp immediately.
  3. wnb


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    Not read the whole thread but is it worth speaking to your MP to get him\her on your side? They may know the right person to speak to at the Environmental Health and sometimes can just cut through bureaucratic bull.
  4. JoeF1


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    100% Agree.
  5. KillBoY_UK


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    With all the people saying just leave, I can understand it but surely its just passing the "poo show" to the next poor person or family who moves in there. It needs fixing for his sake and who ever comes next.
  6. jaybee


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    I would move out asap. Stop paying the landlord/agency any money. Cancel direct debits and standing orders.

    As a secondary priority, then try to get your deposit back if you paid one. Loads of info online about this. Essentially if you paid a deposit then it will either be protected properly or it won't have been. If the later, getting your money back should be easy and the landlord would be fined. If it is protected, then you should be able to enter into an official dispute resolution where you will be able to present your information and get as much back as possible. A lot of the time the landlords dont have the time or effort to do this so when they hear you will go all the way, just end up giving most of the deposit back anyway.
  7. jaybee


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    It is, but worth doing all that when you have moved out into a different property. It's also worth doing all of this via correct legal channels, if necessary using CAB. i.e. If you send a letter to new tenants speaking of the issue, I suspect this could open you up to legal action from the landlord for damaging future business etc. Not saying it is right. You have to look after number 1 initially here. I suspect you could warn the new tenants verbally so you could deny the conversation ever happened, and ask them to ensure they mention that they discovered the issue themselves.
  8. Steedie

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    I get that money is an issue, but I really would just leave. The fact its having a negative effect on your health is reason enough, but all the stress of this as well will just make it worse
  9. crinkleshoes

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    I'm not sure about taking them to court.

    I would move out, not pay last months rent to fill your deposit pot for next place and you won't be out of pocket to them (or however long your deposit would pay for) and find another place.

    The onus would be on them to chase you, just make sure you have as comprehensive documentation as possible to prove their breach of contract and communicate to them that due to breach of contract and severe issues you will be withholding rent in order to acquire the funds to move to a viable living space.

    To me, that place is uninhabitable, so you have every right to get yourself out of there by whatever means necessary.

    Sod taking them to court, not worth it... just get out.

    Speak to a lawyer too - if you have contents insurance, it will often have legal cover for some advice.
  10. d_brennen


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    Just a bad smell would be enough for me. Withhold rent, open a dispute over deposit and communicate with the landlord/agency that is that unless it's fixed properly. I'd be getting on to the housing department and reporting the issues and landlord to the local MP/council and whoever will listen
  11. PermaChanged


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    From CAB:

  12. TacticalFish


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    And people wonder why landlords get a bad rap...