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NAS as 2nd HDD? Is it fast enough?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by matt100, 7 Jun 2006.

  1. matt100


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    I currently have 2 hdds.. 1 for os/progs etc and a slave (fnar) for my itune music, pics, files I want to keep etc so a fresh install is a reasonably trauma free occurence..

    I'm in a shuttle now and I need to ditch one of the hdds to make room for the watercooling and I figured I could put a drive in a NAS box and wire it in to my router.. win-win because the hdd with the important stuff on like family photos etc is removed from the pc altogether so if it tries to do an impression of a swimming pool I'm covered.

    Question is, will a wired connection through my router to my shuttle allow me all the same functionality of a normal sata hdd? it will I be able to point itunes at it and play my music over the network? etc etc or is NAS just for backup?
  2. lokkers

    Wise Guy

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    A NAS is basically a fileserver, so I wouldnt envisage any problems streaming music etc?

    Speed wise it'll only be as fast at the network its put on, so might not be as fast as having the physical disk on your machine. It does have the big benefit however of being able to access your files etc from any machine without having to have one on all the time (the only reason I dislike having a fileserver).