NDO/Namesco - worst ISP ever :(

28 Dec 2004
It started off so well, really good download/upload speeds, polite staff, couldn't have been happier, it's amazing how things change. No sooner did ADSL Max get activated than everything went norks up, lies about regrade fee's, delayed refunds, crap speeds, useless tech. support who's answer to every possible problem is to close a support ticket and tell you to do 4 day's worth of speed tests on BT's site, being incapable of registering correct domain names and again delaying refunds and worse still, today my ADSL max speed has dropped to less than 50k a second, I can't get the BT's speed test page to "officially" check and NDO won't do anything without the results.

Roll on payday, I'll be on the phone requesting a MAC code to go to Nildram.
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