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Need a biggish monitor I can use for gaming; Amazon Prime, and Freesat.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Gwyndster, 4 Aug 2019.

  1. Gwyndster


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    I need your expert help. Due a house reorganization, I'm looking at replacing my trusty 8 year old ASUS VS247. I've moved the PC into a new room in which I only really have space for 1 TV/Monitor.

    Temporarily I have plugged my PC into my Panasonic 37" LCD, circa 2009 - but you can probably guess, despite a 'PC' option in the settings, it isn't the best for this, text in particular looks 'fuzzy'.

    Ideally, I am looking for something that is:

    A: 34" or larger.

    B: Wall-mountable.

    C: Can take inputs from:

    • My current GTX1070
    • My Amazon 4K fire stick.
    • My Panasonic Freesat recorder.

    D: Optional:

    If it's also got something I can plug a Freeview box into, even better.

    As I have a GTX1070, I suppose having G-Sync compatibility would help, but how much of a difference does this make?

    E: Costs less than £750

    I may have some leeway on that, but as we're doing this so that my wife can take delivery of 'hospital bed,' I can't allocate a specific figure until the other stuff we are spending on has been sorted.

    So far I've come up with possibilities of, the 'Overclockers exclusive LG' and this AOC, using DisplayPort to connect the PC, which frees up the HDMI ports - although I'm still one short.

    Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated, particularly when it come to refresh rates, resolutions, and connections, I'm 8 years behind the times here.