Need a new vacuum cleaner

25 Jun 2005
Had a Dyson DC40 for about 9 or 10 years which has served us well. Never broken down, replaced the hose and the filter a couple of times, but it's definitely not as good as it was in terms of suction power.

What shall I replace it with?

The DC11 Absolute or DC11 Torque Power looks interesting and useful in that it is is light (missus always complained the the DC40 was too heavy - although maybe just an excuse to not use it!) and also 2 machines in one so would replace our handheld as well.

Any users of the DC11? Miele do a similar looking machine which looks good, any recommendations for Shark?

Other than kitchen and bathroom, ground floor hall we are fully carpeted. No pets but a nearly 7 year old who is a crumb making machine!
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