need additonal hardware to get 3d capabilities?

22 Jul 2008
Hi all,

Okay so I have purchased a new home entertainment system of which part of this is a 3d blu-ray player.

Upon looking into it, I have determined that my projector (a BenQ W1060) is "Pc 3D Ready" - It cannot handle 3d material directly itself, however it can display 3d images with the help of additional hardware because the projector can run at 120hz.

Is there any hardware out there specifically designed to handle 3d images to send to the projector, and transmit a signal to active glasses?

If not, whats the easiest way to do this via my computer (I understand I'd need a graphics card capable of running 120hz).

Pretty new to the idea of 3D so still trying to get hands on the basics.

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