Netgear WG311v3 and Vista Business 32bit

6 Sep 2005
Hey guys,

wasn't sure whether to put this in hardware or windows thread, but as its a windows error, seems to make sense to put it here.

I have a Netgear WG311v3 Wireless card, which works fine in XP. However, when i installed Vista, i'm having a problem. At first it worked, until i restarted my computer, then it wouldn't. I checked Device Manager and it comes with "Device Cannot Start (Error 10)". I fiddled around with the drivers, uninstalling, disabling, enabling then reinstalling, and it worked again. However, then next time i restarted, it came up with the same error again and i can't get it to work at all now. I have the Netgear Beta Vista driver, and i have asked on the netgear forum, but its useless (ever since last year when people started getting irate with them for not releasing any x64 or vista drivers, and they closed the forum down, then brought it back this year but with every message being checked before posting to make sure no one slags off netgear again).

I know it may well be the beta driver, but why would it work a few times and then not at all?

Any ideas?
18 Oct 2002
I've just been fighting with the Netgear WG311v1 beta drivers in Vista RC2 - had to install them 3 times to get them working properly - went in using compatibility mode eventually. It seems to be hit and miss whether they "catch" properly in Vista. Try a reinstall and choose repair if you haven't already.

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