Network Cable?

23 Dec 2006
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, Earth!
Which cable do i need to use for my (Netgear dg834gt ~~~ Pc) Connection?

I checked the overclockers store but i noticed there were a couple of different types which confused me ;)

Crossover Patch Cable
and plain old Patch Cable?

I need 5~10 meters of the stuff, the one i am currently using is the bright yellow one that comes with the router if that helps but the small tabs have broken off the ends of the cable so it needs replacing...
30 Dec 2004
Bromley, Kent
Patch is a term for the cabling, usually for "patching" the device to a wall socket, or within a patch panel. Basically its a short length of the cable. The two types:

Straight through cable, used for connecting two un-like devices, such as a PC and switch.

Crossover is for connecting to like devices, such as one switch to another.

These days most devices have auto-MDIX (They see what the cable type is and electrically switch the socket over to the right type) so it doesn't really matter but for best practice its best to stick to the right type.

Hope that makes sense, if not try looking at the pin-outs on Google (Or say so here ;) ) :)

- Pea0n
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