New 4K Monitor

3 Jan 2020
Just to be clear - "I want my cake and eat it too"

I have a GTX 980 Ti
CPU is a 6700K mildly overclocked.
Plenty of RAM

I currently use 3 * IIyama ProLite B2409HDS - which are about (from what I remember) 15 years or so old and work just fine. They run 1080P, TN panel, 300 cd/m2 max with a 2ms response according to their specs. One of them is showing signs of unhappiness as it flickers from time to time.

I have upgraded the PC multiple times and kept the same monitors. Well its time the main monitor got some love.

I use the PC for office work, gaming (but not hardcore FPS). Fallout, Witcher, Mass Effect, Hopefully Cyberpunk (when it comes out), Metro (sometimes), XCOM and similar games are my thing.

I am only looking at replacing a single monitor, the others can remain at 1080. I do not expect my current GPU to last a long time, but am waiting till the next set of Nvidia's and AMD comes out before deciding what to do with the GPU - I am very much buying for the future and not now.

I reckon a 4K monitor is sensible as it will run 1080 just fine should I need to whereas a 2K monitor will not - although I have read differing opinions of what gaming at 1080 on a 2K monitor is like.
High Refresh rate possible. I won't get to use that immediately, but remember future
Supports both G Sync & FreeSync in some manner (note article here Nov 2019) -
I am likely to stick with Nvidia graphics cards - but I am not wedded to them
Note Whatever sync is used, both low and high Hz needed - just in case
As low a response time (G2G) as I can get - but doesn't need 1ms as I am not a hardcore FPS gamer
27/28/32 Inches. Definitely want a large screen - just not sure how large I want. I do have a large desk.
I do NOT want an ultrawide - don't like them - I like separate monitors
Don't care about viewing angles - its my computer and I am not sharing. (My Cake!)
HDR would be a good long term option, largely irrelevant now - but more important in the future
Budget < £1K. The Acer Predator X27 is just too much

Anyone got any thoughts? My suspicion is that 4K (with cake) is just a bit out of budget at the moment and that it might be more sensible (and cheaper) to go 2K at 27/28" as an interim measure. As I have multiple monitors the 2K can always be relegated later on to a secondary monitor although a 32" 2K monitor has the approx same PPI as a 24" 1080 monitor

The 32" CHG70 looks to be a contender - but there are a awful lot of monitors out there
20 Feb 2006
I'm in a similar position, I currently run a Dell 27" SG271DG. Fantastic 2k G-sync monitor with 144hz. But the con is HDMI @ 1080p 30Hz, I don't want to upgrade to 4k for pc but really need 4k 60hz for my PS4 Pro and the PS5 in around 8 months time. I don't have room for a 4k tv separately. So it really comes down to cost.

I budgeted for the new Acer 43" predator, but it seems to be a pup. Gutted. This leaves me in a void of choice. The predator x27 is just too expensive for a 27" 4k. If that had been 32" I may have seriously considered it. It look as though more time is needed and see if ASUS comes up with something this year.