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New Alloys and Tyres

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Serj, 11 May 2006.

  1. Serj


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    On my way home from uni i took a slight de-tour to Milton Keynes. When i say 'slight' de-tour......i go to uni in Aberystwyth and i live in Bournemouth, take a look on a map ;)

    I managed to bag myself the last set of brand new 16" Hyundai F2 Evo alloys. They were produced by MSD (Motor Sport Developement) who handled all of Hyundai's Rally stuff until they went bust in 2000 i think. To cut a long story short, 400 remaining Hyundai Coupe F2 Evo's were never produced which left a lot of surplus stock lying around. The final set left at MK Hyundai were sold to me

    I had them wrapped in some 215/40 GS-D3s this morning. Very pleased with the results as they produce a much cleaner look to the car. Anyway, the pics:




    Token Pic of Engine Mods

    Some of mid-Wales finest specimens
  2. Scottland


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    I like them, pretty good [​IMG]
  3. lozza23_uk

    Wise Guy

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    the last ever set, dont hit a curb!

    liking them, not sure if I like the calipers red though, they stand out but maybe body coloured would be sleeper as hell ! :)