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18 Oct 2002
Hi2u dudes,

A while ago I posted asking for advice on a bike.

In the end, I got given an ancient Claud Butler, which I have grown out of fairly quickly and want something tailored more to my size - I am very tall.

Been looking at 29ers and wanted to know if anybody had any experience of the Gary Fisher Paragon? Its a 29er Hardtail, approx £1400.
There definitely is a bit of a 29er tax going on with these beasts. Had a sit on it and the 21" fits me fine, but have read stories about cracking frames. It is the 2010 model by the way.

Right now, its either this or buy an on-one frame and foolishly attempt to build my own at greater expense and with components not quite so nice as the Fish.

The Fish does seem quite nicely specced anyway. 29ers are definitely thinner on the ground in this country than I first imagined.

Any input appreciated!

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