New build monitor advice

9 Oct 2012
Solihull, Nr Birmingham
Hi guys,

In the very near future I am going to be building a gaming rig for £1100, so a pretty decent bit of kit with a pretty decent GPU.

My original plan was to run it through a Samsung 32" 1080p tv thats a few years old as I didnt have budget for a monitor but a family member has just informed me that they will give me £200 towards xmas early for my PC build.

My question, which I hope is simple is, should I spend that £200 towards a monitor at this point in time or shall I spend said £200 on hardware for the PC and run it through the TV until after xmas and when I will be able to buy a better monitor with my own money?

What advantages will I see from using a dedicated monitor? and can I get something worth while for the £200, which at this point I am not willing to spend a penny over until xmas and new year is out of the way.

I know nothing about monitors, I'm only just about getting to grips with hardware at the moment so bare with me and thanks for the help I know it will be great, as always with this forum :)
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