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New card VS 2x4870?

4 Sep 2010

I've just got my first build on its way tomorrow from OC, and the one part I'm feeling I haven't purchased is a new graphics card.

I've currently got a HD Radeon 4870, picture:


My build:


However the fan is loose which causes my computer to crash constantly, so it's a little faulty which I intend to fix while I take the computer apart for scrappage on my new build (Currently my machine is upside down to avoid it popping out) I got my current card from OC around 2 years ago.

I was thinking of purchasing a second 4870, which is for sale here, as I'd like to run more than 2 monitors so a second 4870 would be good, however I've got a few questions first which is why I didn't order a new card along with my build yet.

My first question is related to compatibility issues, I'm just wondering it claims my card is 2804MB memory in DxDiag, however the one I linked is 512MB - are these different 4870s? If so is it not going to work with mine?

If it will work, does this mean it'll be significantly not as good as my current one? Would it make much of a difference buying it other than the ability to have more monitors? And importantly, would my build above be able to cope with two of these cards?

And my final question, is should I scrap this idea, and purchase a new card all together. I could increase my budget for another £400 or so maximum, depending on if it's actually worth it. Would getting one of the newer cards that are out really improve my performance, and if so which would be a wise choice to purchase? Or should I just wait for the newer cards to come out (I heard the new modules are out in Q4 of this year)

Thanks, I understand I wrote a lot but if there's anyone who can help me I'll appreciate it so much.

Thanks a ton,

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16 May 2006
Two 4870 512s is pointless at your res, regardless of the extra gpu power you'll still be bottlenecked by lack of VRAM.
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