New Closed Back Headset/Headphones and Good Mic for 150

29 Aug 2011
Hi, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm looking to pick up either a new headset or a new pair of headphones with a good desktop mic. I was using a set of Sennheiser PC 360 but they are open back, plus the other half keeps nicking them for Skype :-(

I've looked at the PC 350 aswell, but is there anything else good out there??

I have a few requirements:

  • Closed back
  • 3.5mm jacks, NOT USB
  • I prefer a high mic quality over high sound quality
  • They have to fit around my ears(which i wouldn't exactly call small), as I have piercings that make it rather uncomfortable under on ear headsets
  • If headphones, something that i can use on my commute to work
  • About 150, can go a little over for something REALLY good

Anyone have any good suggestions??

Thanks! :)
19 Jul 2004
Shoreham by Sea
Beyer DT 770 and Modmic

Nice closed cup headphones which are very comfy and large enough to easily go around the ears :)

Modmic can be detached so as long as you don't mind wearing large headphones in public then that's sorted.