New faster higher res model and Climate Change news.

13 Jan 2003
Pardeep Pall, a DPhil student at Oxford University, and Tolu Aina of have put together a higher-resolution atmospheric model for a seasonal attribution project (the UK 2000 floods). This may be of interest to current or prospective participants who have a 'higher spec' machine, as it requires 1GB of RAM! The experiment itself is of shorter length (3 weeks run-time typically); and you get to see the lovely higher-resolution graphics courtesy of Tolu. If you have just started a sulphur-cycle experiment you may want to suspend and attach to Pardeep's project for awhile instead. More information/website in the link below.

Also note that soon the BBC coupled-model experiment (currently hosted at will be available as a 'normal' workunit here at the main site. So most likely by the time you finish your current slab or sulphur run, it will be automatically downloaded as your next workunit. And again we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteer moderators and 'helpers' for the main and BBC experiment boards!

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