New guy in town

7 Mar 2012
Hi All,

I'm Scott, I'm 23 years old and from Essex. I had always owned a performance PC but have put my money to better uses and brought a gaming PC from some guy on Gumtree! I don't know much about over clocking just hardware but I'm excited to see whats on offer. I built my past systems but this was a deal i couldn't resist.

How much would you have paid for my system?

D600 corsair full gaming tower
Sabertooth 990 fx motherboard
1090T x6 core black edition phenom cpu
Corsair Vengance 16gb ddr3 1600hrtz
5870 ATI Raduim Graphic Card 1GB DDR5
CPU watercooled with red tubing and liquid
3x 1 tb hardrives
360GB raptor drive (Main Drive)
Windows 7 64bit
1000watts psu

Scott (locksunlight)
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