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New laptop with dead pixel - what would you do?

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by alex_123_fra, 17 Mar 2021.

  1. alex_123_fra

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    Hi all, this doesn't relate to OCUK, but just mainly wanted opinions on what people think.

    I just received a Zephyrus duo (5900Hx, RTX 3080, 4k model) after waiting for 5/6 weeks following pre-order. It is a stellar laptop in almost all respects and suits the role I have for it (video/image editing and some gaming). It feels very well made.

    I found a dead/stuck pixel on the top left of the screen (just below the recycling bin icon). It is white against a dark background but not noticeable when other colours are displaying. Using dead pixel fixer software has not helped it.

    The laptop is still within the 14-day window post arrival. Would you send it back for a refund, assuming I am entitled to one? No other model in stock at present does what I need it to. I imagine a replacement Zephyrus Duo will take weeks to come again. The only other device I am interested in is the Lenovo Legion 7 (2021 model) which isn't out till June.

    It feels a bit wrong to request a refund for such a small flaw but several people I have spoken with say that it isn't acceptable to have a dead pixel on a £3k+ laptop. On the other hand, I would absolutely never accept an RMA for it as it is likely to come back with damage/worse than it is sent in with. What would you do?
  2. Kelt


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    If you haven't already, I would first try those programs that might help with dead/stuck pixels.

    If that fails, I would be sending it back.

    I personally hate dead pixels with a passion, once you know its there, your eye is always drawn to it.

    The only people who really think dead pixels are acceptable in any form are the manufacturers and sellers.

    If you bought a brand new car that had several dings in the bodywork, you'd refuse it and quite rightly.
  3. montymint


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    for the price you paid I'd be refunding / exchanging for another new one. It seems like overkill for a dead pixel, but it IS a fault.
  4. Kohaashi


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    It depends on how much it bothers you, but as you’ve made a thread about it I’d say it bothers you enough that you are hoping others will convince you to keep it... In which case I’d send it back.
  5. tamzzy


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    Totally this. If I paid 100% of the price listed, I expect 100% of the product. Not 99.99%...especially when the screen is the part that one is looking at when the laptop is being used.
  6. Sarge2255

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    Send it back !
  7. marms


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    I'd be sending it straight back, it cost a lot of money and you shouldn't be accepting a b grade product for full price.
  8. David Flett

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    Send it back
  9. sanaxe1


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    Notebook Limited Hardware Warranty Terms

    This is the only mention of pixels in that warranty page:

    "Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) Guarantee

    A bright dot refers to a pixel with a defect in its ability to display the correct color output. Notebooks with one or more bright dot within 30 days of original purchase date will qualify for a free panel exchange. The ZBD policy does not cover LCD panels with dead pixels e.g. dark/black dot type. Only the LCD panel will be replaced, not the entire notebook. Please refer to your authorized ASUS Service Center or Reseller for your product specific terms.

    So you could return it for a refund or get it sorted via RMA. Depends on if you think you could purchase another without the same problem.
  10. alex_123_fra

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    Joined: 31 Mar 2012

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    Thanks all. Have contacted the vendor and they are happy to refund or replace.

    Slightly unfortunately, as I paid for it using bitcoin, a refund would mean I lose around £800 on it as they only refund the value of the laptop in £, at the exhange rate of that day. That is the risk of buying for stuff with bitcoin I guess - win some, lose some. I opted for an exhange with a new unit and luckily the next stock is due on 31st March, so reasonably short wait.
  11. Squink


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    I'd probably put up with the stuck pixel for £800
  12. Furos


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    I'd just get a replacement. Given how much gaming laptops cost these days we shouldn't have to put up with dead pixels or defects.