New PC - Advice on general build and monitor recommendations

8 Dec 2020
This is my possibly finished build. Bit of sacrilege but I've got it built for me, as the cost of buying individual parts as opposed to a custom-built one is identical, but I get a better warranty. Any general pointers for a similar budget, and solid monitors at £500 for a 3080?

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My current build has an i5 1430k and a 1070, the i5 is listed as the minimum specs for cyberpunk so it needs replacing, which means my motherboard and powersupply need to go, plus I have 8gb ram and just 500gb SSD since my HDD died, basically with the 3080 out I thought I may as well set myself up for the next decade.

Unsure about motherboard specs, as I don't plan on overclocking or doing much technically, this is pretty much just for gaming. I like having storage, speed and it being quiet. Biggest thing I'm looking forward to in an upgrade now is just having all my games downloaded. Honestly 100gb per game is the norm now.

Not in a rush as it's impossible to get parts but if this build seems fine I can slap the whole thing on preorder and let overclockers refresh Alibaba until they find parts instead of me.

In terms of a monitor, I have considered ultra wide, but 21:9 compatibility with games feels like a faff, but I am open to it, as I imagine it will feel like a huge upgrade from my 2011 23" 1080p, also considering jumping to 4k 60k as I have never had an over 60k monitor so won't feel the benefit. My big hurdle atm is understanding if I need G-sync, or if it's worth upgrading, as I will 100% get Nvidia, but from what I understand, if I'm hitting 144hz at 1440p with my new build, g-sync won't do much. But I just hate the idea of skimping on a monitor if a bit more money gives a good benefit. And, again, I don't like the idea of having a badly made free-sync monitor.

I currently have two mismatched 1080ps as dual screens which I have had no issues with, and I will probably just keep one to dual screen with, as I've grown very accustomed to having something open next to my gaming screen.

General consensus does seem to be that 1440p 144hz are the best generally. Basically I want a reasonably good value monitor that doesn't have issues with build quality. I hate mailing things. The Asus TUF VH27AQ seems solid specs, but the number of returns and complaints about faults is worrying. I hate extra stress, hence the custom built.

I built my current PC back in 2013 and whilst I saved some money I'm sure, I did not enjoy it at all and found it immensely stressful as I have donkey hands. There was nearly a year when my PC kept overheating until I figured out a wire kept slipping and blocking the CPU fan.
17 May 2012
I am loving the G34WQC-EK that I got the OCUK the other month and would 100% recommend it to anyone who does not game in a cave (in a dark room the backlight bleed may annoy some users). 144Hz, WQHD and I got mine with 0 dead pixels after a short re-stocking delay. There are some reviews on YT, but I thought to chime in since I don't get samples or paid to say this. :)
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