New PC build, £1000 budget

30 Dec 2020
Hey guys, I am looking to use a PC for a 50/50 split with After Effects, Photoshop, Premier, and playing games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Call of Duty, Ark etc.
I would like to be able to run these games on high settings on a 1080p screen with around 60fps, however medium settings will also be okay for me.

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**Please re-read the rules regards competitors**

I am open to any changes. The motherboard is the one part I am having most trouble with so have put one that seems to work with everything else I have added but would be thankful for some advice/guidance with it.

Thanks in advance.
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15 Sep 2009
The Wraith Spire that comes with the 3700X is actually a pretty good cooler so you could initially just use that to save a little money. Also, whilst the Corsair Vengeance seems to be the go-to for RAM at the moment, if you're not too concerned about the numbers you could save a little cash by going Klevv Bolt - I've got 16GB of it in my PC and it's working great. Maybe put the money you'd save towards an MSI B450 Tomahawk Max (since it seems to be the best rated/VFM B450 at the moment).
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