New PC up to £1000

12 Jan 2013
I have my rig for about 8 years now (yes, I had to replace some components, like graphic card). I want to build completely new one and doing so I will aim to get components that will last for a long time, would be great if for another 8 years.

The most important for me is motherboard, CPU, good class (preferably air) cooling and power supply.

Then I can save on GPU, RAM (I can get 2 chips)

Finally, I don’t need a case, a monitor, any SSDs or an OS.

I will get to buy in beginning of January so it’s not an immediate thing, I have time to research.

Along the way 2021, 22 or even 2023 I would like to change to 4K (now I still will be running on full HD), then I will buy a new 4K monitor, better video card and 2 more RAM chips. But for now, I would like my Motherboard, CPU and power supply to be ready for 4K and it would be great if I could fit everything in £1000 for now.

Also, I always had Intel and NVidia so, those would be my preferences about components.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Advices about upgrading the PC in the future (2021-2023), when I will have more budget for components, are also welcome.
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Reuse you current GPU, new GPU (with reasonable price tag) still don’t give reasonable 4K performance so there is no point in even thinking about 4K. If you want a new GPU for 1440p then 6800 or the 3070 will be sufficient.
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