new pc upgrade spec please thanks

20 Jan 2020
i am looking at building a new pc as mine has just gone bang cpu and mb dead i am looking at spending 2.5k on the upgrade looking at upgrading gpu to 3080 when i can get hold of one so have 1600 to spend i don't need keyboard mouse or monitor unless monitor needs changing

i have the following from my old build

32g kingston hyper x predator ram 4x8 3000mhz
coolermaster cm690 iii advance
12gb gtx titan x
corsair 850rm psu might want changing
asus pb287q monitor will upgrade if needed to get better hz and fps

looking for the best pc this money can buy thanks in advance for the help
18 Nov 2007
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I think personally you don't need to spend that much on an upgrade, unless you intend to play cyberpunk 2077 at 4k on max settings. ;)
Even then your Titan X is good to go at 1440p with no RTX with said game.

Replacing your PSU would depend on how old it is, however it may have been the cause of your old PC expiring. Search for PSU paperclip test on YouTube for instruction to see if it works. if it doesnt, then check your purchase date & length of warranty as you may be able to replace it with corsair.

RAM should be OK. Case is good if a little bit old. Case fans may need replacing.
New bits that are in stock:

My basket at Overclockers UK:
Total: £620.43 (includes shipping: £10.50)
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