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News on Wife (reason for being away for a day)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Calranthe, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Calranthe

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    Hi all,
    We were really looking forward to visiting OCuk, that is on hold for the moment, As people know Paola had 2 appointments last week, everything was going well, just tweaking stuff, Dialysis and cancer meds.

    Paola has a weakened immune system so we are nervous every time we visit the hospital, after all the waiting rooms are full of sick people. (we try to do as much as possible via phone consults)

    Day after the Wednesday appointment she started with sickness, nausea and the other end as well.

    It got worse over the weekend, it is especially dangerous (a stomach bug) because of dehydration and strain on her body.

    Did all we could over the weekend and then Monday night it started to scare me, at 1am we called 111 and they ordered an Ambulance (category 2) 4am Tuesday (today)we are in A&E in her own room due to the immunity problems.

    Then they check her heart and now the is in the Coronary Care ward they are very concerned her heart tests and blood work is showing not good things.

    No one has a diagnosis yet, the problem is with the Cancer+Medication, Diabetes, Renal failure+ Medication the damage to her kidney's throw off a lot of the blood work readings anyway.

    No one knows what is wrong all we know is it isn't the best news.

    I took a picture last Wednesday at the Hospital while having some baseline tests, she was so happy and looking forward to the visit to OCuk.


    And now she is completely worn out and unable to eat.

    Sorry for the downer post. I haven't slept in over 30 hours I think.

    Small update they thin the time with huge amounts of excess fluid may have damaged her heart or it is the diabetes doing damage. or it may be nothing.
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  2. HazardO


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    Location: Cambridge

    That's rough, I hope she pulls though.
  3. robfosters


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    Damn, I’m so sorry to hear this. All the best and I hope things get better from here.
  4. Housey

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    Good luck.
  5. paradigm


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    Please give Paola my best, I’m so so sorry to hear this news :(
  6. dowie


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    Sorry to hear that, hope she has a swift recovery and gets back to normal ASAP, or at least as normal as possible given her other long term conditions.
  7. thedoc46


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    Good luck with everything OP. I can't imagine how anxious you must all be. But stay strong and hope for the best.
  8. Calranthe

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    Thank you all, she is in the best place, it looks like a really nice unit, I just got back from taking her favourite teddy bear (it is soft and can be used to cushion her neck.
    I started her Dialysis.

    She is on all the monitors going boop boop beep, they are taking her bloods every 6 hours, she has eaten a banana and a yogurt.

    Seems the main problem is the same blood markers that show heart problems are the same ones that show kidney disease.
  9. dowie


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    Posts: 39,674

    And exercise sometimes too... I had a blood test done once the day after a pretty serious gym workout, GP was on the phone leaving me messages to get in contact with the surgery - my creatine kinase levels had spiked which is apparently a marker for heart problems (and kidney problems) but can also be elevated as a result of exercise.
  10. Hades


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    Wishing you both the best.
  11. Calranthe

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    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

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    I read out all your messages to Paola, she says thank you it made her smile.

    Okay we have a diagnosis so the universe doesn't think we have enough to deal with :).

    What do you get if you have Cancer then Diabetes then Renal Failure ?

    Heart attack.

    It really does sound like a plot line to some medical TV series, where is House when you need him, although even he would have problems with Paola due to the amalgamation of medication, illness symptoms and side effects (a bit like when you add to many mods to Skyrim)

    It seems Paola has been having a heart attack since last Thursday probably in her sleep, see if you have diabetes and are a female you can have a silent heart attack, no pain no chest problems and the only symptoms are nausea and heart burn (acid reflux) it seems to actually be quite a big killer, people think they just have heart burn take some antacids or gaviscon go to bed and never wake up.

    It is ongoing, she is on lots of heart medication and they need her to stabilise and then they can do an Angiogram, they need to find out the damage to decide on treatment.

    She is still classed as category 2 which is one step up from intensive care unit.

    She has a nice room all to herself.

  12. Marvt74


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    Sorry to hear that. Least you have an explanation though and hopefully things can improve.
  13. Calranthe

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    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

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    It is just something from left field nothing we expected, but if you know of anyone who has diabetes let them know because its not advertised very well and people do die from it because it looks just like a stomach flu or bug.
  14. Megahurtz400


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    Sorry to hear this! Glad to hear she's in the best place and you've got a diagnosis, i'm sure you'll be at OcUK HQ in no time! :)
  15. Hades


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    Location: Surrey and London

    Wow. Sorry to hear that. Good luck.
  16. Rilot


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

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    All the best to you and your wife. That's a rough hand she's been dealt.
  17. Casdawer


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    Wishing you both the best of luck.
  18. aardvark


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    wishing you all the best also!
  19. Vidar


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    Sorry pal I've only just seen this myself and am lost for words, as others have said at least you have an idea of whats going on and that she's in the best place.

    Either way let her know I also wish her a speedy recovery! How are you holding up though?
  20. sigma

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    She's quite the fighter :) all the best.