Nexus+ 2 hub and fan speed control

15 Nov 2020
Hi all,

Need your help because I'm a bit confused about the best setup to controlling my case & CPU fans.

Current configuration:
- Gigabyte z490 vision g motherboard,
- Define 7 case,
- be quiet! Dark Rock slim CPU cooler (Silent Wings 3 120 PWM fan @1,450 rpm)
- no overclocking or gaming.

The CPU cooler is connected to the correct (rightmost) 4-pin connector on the Nexus+ 2 hub. The 4-pin cable from the hub is to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard. The stock case fans (non-PWM) are connected to the corresponding 3-pin connectors on the Nexus hub. BIOS only shows the CPU_FAN information and it is spinning at the correct speed (approx 1,450rpm).

But what about the case fans? They do not appear anywhere yet they're working properly. They are rated @1,000 rpm but are they really turning at that speed or are they at the speed of the CPU cooler fan?

I would like a quieter operation and since I'm not going to overclock or game on this machine, this should be possible without any temperature issues. Is there a way to control their speed or do I have to swap them with PWM fans so that I can set them up on a more silent profile?

I know it's a lot of questions but would welcome your advice before engaging in the extra expense.

Thanks in advance.
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