Noblechairs, do they stay hard as rock ?

11 May 2007
Do the Noblechairs break / bed in at all or do they stay hard as rock ?

I had a Hero but had to send it back as the stitching came apart, and I chose not to go for a replacement as I felt it was a little uncomfortable for the price (not to mention I didn't expect the stitching to come apart in just a couple of days use).

I also didn't like the fact the Hero lumber cushion didn't have straps on it, so as soon as you stood up it would move and fall forwards (gets irritating after a while).

Anyway I have now tried a few other cheaper chairs and they were not up to much, so I'm looking at Noblechairs again.

I love the look of the Epic, and it also has straps on the lumber cushion, but as I am on the larger side, I worry it might be a bit too small for me (although I used to sit comfortably for hours in a Recaro Sportster CS seat in my M3), but then I read they are even "firmer" than the Hero, which wouldn't suit me at all.

So back to the original question, do they bed in after a bit of use or do they stay stupidly firm ?
14 Sep 2009
OcUK no longer sell them, but my AKRacing chair has had a few years of reasonably heavy use (off a reasonably heavy guy) and that didn't take long to soften. It has also stayed that way since, so looks like I'll be getting quite a few more years out of it. :)