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not enough sata connectores on a 1300watt psu

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by hobib_ali, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. hobib_ali

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    guys ive got a Evga 1300 Watt PSU

    I used it previously with my 4 way sli set up

    Its been over a year since I got rid of the 4 way set up, so now its just 1 1080ti

    I have 7 hard drives, which has left me with only 1 spare sata cable

    Now ive bought corsair led fans x7 for the corsair eco system i noticed that each led and power modules require 2 sata connectors, considering i have 7 i will need to connect all of them so now im short on 3 sata power connectors

    looked thru the box and ive used them all up, i do have plenty of 8 pin slots on my psu and 1 6 pin

    so i need new sata cables>?

    i have a spare molex to maybe a molex to sata adaptor?
  2. lee32uk


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