not much choice for Laptop DDR3 10600 on here

21 Oct 2012
is that because nobody really buys it or there always been limited types??

my laptop in my sig is currently using 2x2gb Kingston PC-8500 and i wanted to swap out one stick for a 4gb to see how much quicker 6 gigs makes, but having a look on this site, theres only one type from Crucial which isnt all bad like given how well known they are, but i havent decided on new or used and to me £38 for 8gb is alot and £20 for single 4gb is so so or am i just being too fussy?? :rolleyes:..

mean that 20 is better than the 20 i paid for 1gb of pc3200 from a local electronics shop for the missus desktop lol, just trying to justify the costs for whatever ill notice performance wise..

EDIT: they sell 8gb kit for around 29 themselves, but are pc-8500, is the extra bit of cash for the ones on here worth it??.. i will actually buy from this site ha, im just trying to find the right thing and the right moment ;)
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12 Feb 2009
For laptops there isn't much requirement for overclocking so the demand for lots high speed ram just isn't there and most new laptops are coming with at 4GB+ which is as much as the average person will need.

Unless you are using all your memory just leave it be, if you are using it all I would personnally stick with running in dual channel mode having the ram in match pairs.

8GB would be ideal, 6GB ok but you lose dual channel mode. Remember you can sell off you old 4 GB ram. :)
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