Not receiving any digital channels on tv card.

15 Mar 2006
I've got a Leadtek Winfast DTV2000H Hybrid Digital & Anologue TV Tuner Card ( and it doesnt seem to receive any digital channels, even though my area can receive them all.

I've got a sky digibox at the monent which can receive most of them (except E4 unless i pay, and maybe 1 or 2 others) and all receiver lines go into the digibox, which has 1 coaxial exit line into the TV.
I tried connecting that one line from the box to my card, and i could only receive all 5 analogue channels, and Sky News (digibox was tuned into sky news).
Then i tried connecting the roof aerial directly to the card and could only receive the 5 analogue channels.

Is there something that i've not done?
Channel scanning is automatic and the configuration options arent huge so it seems unlikely i've missed something there.

Ultimately, i need the channels such as ITV2, ITV3 etc which i can only get from either DTV, or satellite (same thing really?)
If i wanted to get it via satellite, i'd need another decoder box, right?
So DTV is probably the best way, but i cant get it to work :mad:

Any ideas?
27 Sep 2004
Luton ;)
Sorry for the thread resurrection - but how you finding the card Artheas and what did you do to fix it - looking to order one myself...


ps3ud0 :cool:
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