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nVidia drivers - crash on boot!!

10 Dec 2005
England - Leicestershire

I recently got a new nVidia 7800 GTX 256MB PCI-e card. I took out my old card, put in the 7800 GTX, attached the 6-pin PCI-e connector from the PSU and screwed it in place. For about 3 days the card ran perfectly. 120FPS+ in most games on full settings, no complaints there.

The problem started just a few days ago. I was playing CS:S when suddenly the graphics botched up and went really weird until the screen blacked out. I did a hard reboot and the BIOS showed us as normal. The black windows loading screen showed as normal too. The problem occured when the account selection screen came up. Instead of it showing the screen like it normally would, I get a "No signal" error on my monitor.

I've tried placing the 7800 GTX into PCI-e 4x slot, tried attaching my monitor to different ports on the card and everything... all to no avail.

I had the smart idea of reformating because I presumed that it might be a problem with my old ATI drivers from my previous card interfering or something.

Everything was working fine so I thought that I was right and the problem had been resolved. I installed all of the windows updates and everything - fine. I installed the latest nVidia drivers for my card and now I'm getting the exact same problem again.

The card will only work when I have no display drivers installed and I guess windows is emulating some form of a VGA driver. I can only use very low resolutions and colour depths with this though, so sticking with it isn't ideal (I'm writing this in 800x600 on a 16:10 widescreen :().

I have tried the following drivers: 94.24, 93.71 and the Omega drivers (which didn't even apply correctly).


P.S. My PC specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 939 (upgrading once this is sorted)
2GB Corsair TwinX Pro DDR400
nVidia 7800 GTX 256MB PCI-e
DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
Thermaltake ToughPower 750W
Samsung SpinPoint 80GB 7200RPM HDD

Windows XP SP2 (all updates)
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