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8 Aug 2007
Hi Guys

I am pleased to announce the release of our very own Liquid Cooling solution.
This is an OEM standard Liquid cooling solution based on a best selling platform used by many brands.

Take a look at the part code on the product page for a hint as to what product this is.

Coming direct from the factory to Overclockers UK, you can be certain that the highest levels of Quality Control have been placed on these units.

In addition to this, I have taken the liberty of adding drop down menus featuring our best selling Fan and Thermal Paste lines.

This is a brilliant price on a superb performing cooling solution.
Stock will be available around mid way through next week, and stock for this SKU is limited.

OcUK Tech Labs - H2O Performance Liquid Cooling Solution @ £39.99 inc VAT


The OcUK Tech Labs H2O Performance Cooler Bundle Provides superb, high performance Liquid cooling with flexible cherry picked performance options.

Ultimate customisation along with brilliant peformance, customise your own cooling solution to suit your own requirements

Featuring market leading brand options based around a proven base platform, this cooler offers a formidable solution for all users.

Users can choose to have the cooler shipped on its own, or take advantage of the cooling options

A single fan, or dual fan configuration is available alongside a choice of the leading performance thermal materials on the market today.

Choosing no fans is an option so that users can choose to use their original case fans if they wish. Overclockers UK Tech Labs recommends the addition of extra performance fans.

One fan is generally enough for most users but a dual fan configuration provides the ultimate in cooling.

This cooling bundle can be used in any chassis with a 120mm fan mount location.

When choosing a second fan, please ensure that it matches the choice from the first fan as mismatched fan options will have serious consequences on the performance of the unit.

• Socket LGA2011 / 1366 / 1155 / 1156 / 775
• Radiator Dimensions: 120mm x 152mm x 27mm
• Cold Plate: Copper
• Radiator Material: Aluminium
• Choice of High performance Fan configurations
• Market Leading Thermal Paste options.

Only £39.99 inc VAT.

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