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Offensive and Dangerous Weapons - New Legislation

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by nox_uk, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Hotwired


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    Why pick this thread up almost 4 months later. Did something happen recently?
  2. adolf hamster


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    i'm confused as to why they're messing around with trying to ban ninja/zombie weapons, aside from the obvious kitchen knife argument it should be plainly obvious that anyone intent on doing serious damage is going to be more than capable of manufacturing their own, i mean a perfect example of a "zombie weapon" is just a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. hell they even found time to make stuff like that on the western front in ww1 with less equipment than most people have in their garage these days.

    what needs to be done is harsher penalties for knobheads who take this stuff out in public/actually use it. same goes for these acid attacks.

    as for .50 caliber, i really don't see the point there if our licensing system is robust enough that nobody's going to get their hands on one without jumping through a lot of hoops first.