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Oh Phillip Green

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by SPG, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. stockhausen


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    Say what?
    Is English not your first language?
    Your comments don't appear to have much to do with mine and describing a Feminist book (or display) as "promoting irrational prejudice and discrimination" seems utterly bizarre, even for someone who has problems understanding English.
  2. Angilion

    Man of Honour

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    Since you haven't been able to understand clear English, I'll explain in more detail for you.

    1) In the scenario in question, the only two options are to pay a smaller (but still large) amount of money to hush it up or pay a much larger amount of money to be judged guilty of something you weren't guilty of. You said you wouldn't do the former, so you would be doing the latter. I asked why. You didn't answer.

    2) A biological group advocacy ideology (which of course requires a belief in biological group identity, i.e. a belief that "they're all the same") is promoting irrational prejudice and discrimination. It doesn't matter how fashionable it is or how much power it has - that doesn't change what it is, only how much harm it can cause.