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1 Dec 2005
Something new from Avon arriving in the New Year...

Avon Tyres’ most uncompromising ultra-high performance tyre, the ZZR, is set to be paired with another equally high-performance product, the Caterham Superlight range.

The two iconic British motoring brands’ long association, stretching back 18 years, has resulted in the creation of a bespoke version of Avon’s road-legal ZZR tyre, designed for maximum dry weather grip.

The ZZR range has proved itself to be a formidable performer, particularly among the track-day fraternity, which seeks a tyre offering predictable and progressive handling.

It is not the first time Avon, owned and manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and Caterham have combined - the much heralded Avon CR500 was developed specifically for the predecessor of the present-day Superlight R500, and is standard fitment across the current Superlight range.

James Weekley, Avon Tyres’ Operations and UK Sales Manager commented: “The challenge was to take our most extreme tyre and tune it to compliment the specific characteristics that are inherent to Superlight Sevens. A two-tonne Nissan GTR is an altogether different prospect to a half-tonne Caterham.

“Using all the data and expertise we’ve collected over the years, we’ve tweaked the ZZR with a lighter overall construction, using less stiff sidewalls, reduced reinforcement and a softer compound of rubber, making it ideally suited to the new application.”

Available as an option on the Caterham Superlight range, the road-legal ZZR offers track enthusiasts the ultimate in grip and handling, with enhanced performance in the dry over the standard fitment Avon CR500.


About half the grooves of the current ZZR or A048/R888. Can't wait to try them. Should be interesting in the wet :D
22 May 2003
When Evo did their tyre test a couple of years back they (Avon) didnt enter because they were supposedly bringing out a replacement to the ZZ3.... I was quite interested as I had a set and thought they were quite decent all rounders.

Still waiting for it now!
23 Jul 2009
An R500 coupled with those tyres in the wet will be LETHAL. :eek:

Great fun though. :D

look like they would be scary in the wet! i wouldnt say fun, fun is when you have little traction but enough to have some control

last pair of avon i had they didnt do 5k miles! gets expensive, i just go for ditch finders on the back now.
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