Only Explorer can see the internet

3 Feb 2003
I am having a small problem with a wireless network. There is one pc connet to a wireless adsl modem (Netgear DG834G) and one PC connected with a wireless pci card and one laptop with wireless built in.

Now both PC's connet without any issues, but the laptop only seems to be able to connectto the net through internet explorer. Anything else that i have tried (firefox, media player and napster) just wont connect, its as if something is blocking it.

So i have disabled windows firewall and mcaffee antivirus and this has not helped. I have even gone into the router settings and added the laptop to the DMZ and rebooted the router. Again this made no change.

There does not seem to be anything else installed that would block the internet so i am pretty much out of ideas, does anyone else have any? I am hoping it is something glaringly obvious that i have missed!

Funny thing is that both the other PC's work fine!
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