Orangebox/Steelcase Giroflex G64 Managers Chair.

26 Aug 2020
I thought people would like some feedback on the G64 managers chair for gaming.

Although I was initially tempted by one of the many PU leather chinese chairs that are all over Amazon, I was put off by some of the reviews, specifically from those that have had the chair for a while. I was also mindful that I wanted a chair that wouldn't knacker my back. My budget was under £180.

In the end I decided that I would buy a good quality used office chair, and I remembered that the chair I used to have at work was a comfortable office chair called an Orangebox Giroflex G64 operators chair, however there is also a managers chair in the same range (G64-9278).

I found a used office supply outlet that happened to have both chairs, so went to try them. When I game on my PC I like to sit back slightly using an xbox controller with my elbows supported by the chair arms. The operators chair had a firmer seat and seemed to be better for sitting upright or leaning forward slightly over a keyboard. Both chairs had 360 degree rotating height adjustable arms and both had the same seat tilting and height adjustments. The managers chair however had much thicker padding and it immediately just felt "right", so much more comfortable than the operator version. It was also perfect when sitting back reclined slightly.

I ended up buying the G64 managers chair. It was in amazing condition and I paid £120. Bearing in mind that this chair was probably in the region of £1250 when new, I think it was a bargain. It's a heavy chair and has a quality feel to it.

I've since spent hours at a time using it. It's incredibly comfortable and I've had no "numb bum" or any back problems at all.
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