Ordered my AS2s!!

23 Nov 2007
Lancashire, UK
Well having happily run on CS3s for over a year, I've just hit the button on a set of AS2s for my ST220. From Tesco of all places, and they've even given me 462 clubcard points. Just enough to buy some beer to take the edge off that tyre payment then... :p

Considering that I paid £440 for my CS3s last year, I was surprised not to be paying more with the way that prices have been going up. Are Tesco just offering a really good price or are tyres the one thing in motoring that's not getting a daft price attached to them?

One other question - I'll probably end up using the old tyres as "garden weights", but was wondering if there was anything charitable that might actually make good use of tyres with circa 3mm left on them? Would rather see them made use of if they can be!

Cheers motors!
7 Dec 2011
Stick the 4 with 3mm on ebay, people buy them all the time, even at 20 a tyre its better in your pocket

Would be keen to hear how you get on with the as2. I didn't get on with the original and currently have cs3's all round. Anticipate needing fresh ones at the end of the year
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