Overclocking monitor howto?

10 Oct 2012
So a few days ago i thought i would give linux another try. First gave Mint a go but that ended up being so much hassle for 3 hours into the night due to not wanting to install the boot loader(some amd64 error) and then going with Debian which installed nicely and without issues but taking a small war. Now i got a 75hz capable panel that only exposed 10bit 60hz to the OS. If you want 75hz you have to enable that though overclocking manually and the bit drops to 8 for some reason. I tried going by this post from reddit and ended up having Linux refusing to boot me into to Xserver(desktop) only giving me prompt. Now i am a completely and utter noob,beginner, whatever funny you linux people have, at linux but im would like to give it another go but 75hz is a must! for me. Some pointers at what to do and what not to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

System specs of my machine in case its important regarding a distro recommendation.
nvidia 1080ti
16gigs of ram
OS will be installed on a 120gb ssd
Monitor is a viewsonic VX3276-2k-mhd