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P67 ram 2133MHz 7-7-7-20

Discussion in 'Memory' started by 1Day, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. 1Day

    Wise Guy

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    P67 has changed how we overclock our CPU's and also how we look at DDR3 ram. With a default voltage at 1.50 we are now at the lowest voltage required since DDR3 was first introduced. I recall my very first DDR3 kit with my 790i motherboard and then later with the REX. Then I needed to push through 1.8v just to run at default. Those days are gone. And the P67 and H67 range of motherboards have brought a whole new dimension to setting ram.

    Regardless of which board you have the options in the BIOS for ram are quite interesting. But the one thing that we all noticed is that 2133 MHz rated RAM was supported out of the box. This native support has come at a price. It is really difficult to set your ram speed to anything but the preset or native speeds as specifed in the BIOS.

    Basically what we now do is select the ram speed we want to run and that is it. Changing the BLCK is difficult for many CPU's to manage and not really a good idea if some of the stuff I have been reading on this forum is correct.

    But with my board I was able to get some pretty cool bandwidth and tight timings.

    2133 7-7-7-20 1N


    Motherboard P67A-UD7
    BIOS ver F7d -beta
    Intel 2600-K @ 5.388GHz

  2. Stryda09


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    That is just crazy. What RAM is this?
  3. stoneyfordni


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    thats mental speed vs. timings
  4. kgoulden


    Joined: Dec 6, 2009

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    Which RAM are you using? At what voltage is it running at? Never seen latancies this low at 2133mHz!
  5. Durzel


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    As above really. What voltage is it running at?

    Does it actually do anything besides a suicide screenshot?
  6. 1Day

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Sep 14, 2010

    Posts: 1,510

    Location: Sussex, Horsham

    That was not a suicide screen shot that was simply doing a test for bandwidth for a friend.

    Voltages 1.65

    Not branded Ram

    Chips are Hypers


    We are trying to work out why some Hypers will work at 2133 and others will not.

    Would never do suicide runs with ram that cost the earth to buy these days.