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Paladins - Free to Play

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Jase, May 14, 2018.

  1. Jase


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    I couldn't see a thread for this but I spent a few hours on it over the weekend and it's really good.

    It's pretty much Overwatch in terms of quality and the gameplay is pretty solid.

    I played the Beta on the Xbox when it was first available and although it was OK then there were quite a few bugs. It's now out of Beta and improved so much.

    I played it on the Xbone X and PS4 Pro, both play and look the same however there appears to be a bigger player base on the PS4 as the wait for a game on Xbox take some time longer.

    Although it's F2P and there are loot boxes and characters to buy etc, everything is cosmetic and anything game related can be obtained without spending a penny.

    Worth checking out if you haven't tried it or haven't played it for a while.
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  2. budge1972

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    I actually much prefer this to Overwatch mainly because it's free :)
    Looks great on the Pro and X in 4k and I've also linked my Amazon Prime/Twitch accounts to get the free loot chests.