Patriot Viper 4400 + Ryzen 5

28 Dec 2020

Covid finally pushed me into building a PC. I overspecced a lot of parts and got some particularly quick ram. This was my first build and would have done things differently in hindsight.

16gb (2x8gb) Patriot Viper 4400. I am using a 5600x and wasnt happy at the default speed settings. I had done some basic research on the sticks and knew that buildzoid was creaming over them, i was also aware that they werent on MSI's approved vendor list, Patriots website clearly states that these are for use with intel chips only.

Tried using A-XMP @4400 and failed. So i used DRAM calc and plugged in some settings.

3800 16-16-16, manually set the fclck to 1900 and upped the voltage to 1.36 (0.02 higher than dram suggested).

After the xmp failed that was my first attempt, is it worth trying for tighter timings? would there be any noticeable difference with 3600 @ CL14? Should i try 3800 @ CL14?

Does the above look alright? !

Can you push fclck to 2000? or higher than 1900mhz?

30 Nov 2020
Higher FCLK depends on how lucky you are with your motherboard/bios/cpu combo. It may work, it may work with issues, it may not work at all (no post). With your ram (I have the same) it's easy to check.
1. Load up XMP profile (2nd one, with 4133MHz for 1.35V if I recall)
2. Lower ram frequency from 4133 to 4000 (even if XMP will work, it wont work with IF 1:1 with your memory and that's what you want)
3. Set FLCK to 2000

If you'll boot (which is unlikely but you may be the lucky one) load up HWiNFO and see if you are getting whea errors, it's at the bottom in Total Errors tab. There's a chance you'll get tens of them by just sitting in idle. Then it means it's super unstable and it may be hard to stabilize it. If you don't get any you may run some additional stress test, memory test etc. but always check these errors.

If it won't boot, then I'd suggest sticking to 1900 (but also check if you don't have any errors there) and work on your timings.
With around ~1.4V you can set something like this and then optimize it even further.
With ~1.5V you can try to set something like 14-14-14-28-42 and even tighter subtimings.
If you think that you almost got there but TM5 or other test stil show some errors try to lower tRCDRD first.
If you want CL15, you need to disable GDM, which can be difficult, for me it was easier to drop to CL14.


This is what I'm running at 1.47V with with 1866 FCLK, 3733 memory. In my case 1900 FCLK is giving me occasional whea errors (but it's 100% stable otherwise, no blue screens, no game crashes) while 1866 gives zero errors.

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15 Oct 2019
Unless your gaming at 1080p then I doubt you would see any difference between 3800/16 vs 3800/14 and even at 1080p you're probably only talking about a couple of fps.
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