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Paypal question - about people taking their money back after paying

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ArmyofHarmony, 7 Jun 2006.

  1. ArmyofHarmony

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    I was given 500$ about a month ago, not for an ebay item but for some other things... now i want to chase something up which may risk losing this money if people can take their money back through paypal.

    Question is, can people get their money back if its not an ebay related transaction?
  2. daveyj27

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    I'd say it depends on the individual transaction circumstances. For example, if the seller has sent an item to the buyer through standard mail carriage (i.e non-trackable) and then the buyer claims non-receipt of goods, Paypal would award the refund due to the seller not being able to prove that the buyer has in fact received the goods.
    Of course, this scenario may bear no resemblance in the slightest to your own situation, so you may want to elaborate a little.
  3. Stelly


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    I have always thought that they could

  4. Beansprout

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    People can file complains through the Resolution Centre but Paypal have a buyer and seller protection policy so you'll need to check all the info with that. It'll tell you in the transaction details.

    It totally depends what the transaction was for. I can't imagine Paypal letting people take their money back just becuase they feel like it - for one thing, Paypal lose their fee...
  5. Nismo


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