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PC Spec for a 7 Year Old

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Khrest, 29 May 2006.

  1. Khrest

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    Trying to spec up a PC for my 7 year old son who has up to now been managing with my old laptop.

    It will need to play games, but only the older ones like Unreal 2004, Quake 3 etc at a comfortable frame rate and perhaps have the tech features to play current ones at reduced detail levels. A 17" TFT is about the right size for his desk, although 19" would be nice. Silence is golden so perhaps a Zalman would hit the mark. Everything will run at stock and I'd like at least 18 months before an upgrade becomes necessary(!).

    Price is key here and I need to be on the comfortable side of £450, preferably closer £400 in fact if such a thing is possible.

    I have a 160gb Samsung Spinpoint SATA HD I will donate to him which should help the price....

    It's been a long time since I did a PC upgrade and the choice of boards and processors has become bewildering so any help is much appreciated. I am on Nvidia with my main PC but I don't really have a preference if ATI can offer a better bang for the buck.
  2. Trifid


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    LN10546 AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Socket939 , Venice Core, 1.8GHz , 512KB Cache, Retail £58.18 £68.36
    LN11240 1GB (2X512MB) Corsair Value Select, DDR PC3200 (400), 184 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 2.5 £49.50 £58.16
    LN12214 Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 NF4, S939, PCI-E (x16), DDR 400, SATA II, SATA RAID, uATX, On Board VGA £34.19 £40.17
    LN13550 LG GSA-H10ABAL Black 16x16 & ±RW/RAM Dual Layer DVDRW Writer OEM UK £20.59 £24.19
    LN13202 256Mb Sapphire ATI X1600PRO DDR2 VGA TVO DVI PCI-E Retail £59.63 £70.07
    LN11807 Aspire X-Qpack Black Silver uATX Aluminum Case with 420W v2.0PSU £58.17 £68.35
    LN12539 80 Gb Maxtor 6V080E0 DiamondMax 10, SATA300, 7200 rpm, 8MB Cache, NCQ, 9.0 ms £26.82 £31.51

    Net Total £307.08

    Carriage £10.00

    V.A.T. £55.49

    TOTAL £372.57

    Did that price include the screen? To be honest, I would change the card to a Nvidia one, due to the annoyances of the ATI drivers, and possibly have a different PSU in there.

    Edit: Ahhh, missed the hdd bit.
    Last edited: 29 May 2006
  3. mojojoejo


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    CP-130-AM AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 90nm (Socket 939) - OEM (CP-130-AM)
    £59.95 £59.95
    MB-042-GI Gigabyte K8N51GMF-9 nForce 6100 Micro ATX (Socket 939) PCI-Express Motherboard (MB-042-GI)
    £41.95 £41.95
    MY-005-GL GeIL 1GB (2x512MB) PC3200 Value Dual Channel Kit CAS2.5 (GE1GB3200BHDC) (MY-005-GL)
    £56.95 £56.95
    GX-026-BG BFG 3DFuzion GeForce 7600 GS 256MB DDR2 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-026-BG)
    £64.95 £64.95
    CA-004-AS Asus TA-210 Series Midi Tower (Black) - 360W PSU (CA-004-AS)
    £34.95 £34.95
    HS-011-ZA Zalman CNPS7700-ALCU Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler - Retail (HS-011-ZA)
    £18.95 £18.95
    CD-025-SO Sony CRX320EE CDRW/DVD Combi Drive (Black) - OEM (CD-025-SO)
    £16.95 £16.95
    KB-051-MS Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 Black - Retail (BV3-00007) (KB-051-MS)
    £23.95 £23.95
    Subtotal £318.60
    VAT £55.76
    Total £374.36

    Does mean you need to source yourself a monitor but the rest should be good to go and will meet your upgrade timeframe quite nicely.