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PC Surround Sound: Home Cinema Set Up?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Housey, 10 Jan 2022.

  1. Housey

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    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

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    I have a gaming rig I use for Sim Racing, DCS, Flight Sim and the odd bit of FPS. I have a proper Trackracer type set up and have used headphones, but I am not a huge fan of phones.

    In the olden days I would go buy some PC type speakers but I have a nice spare cinema amp (bought from a fellow OCUK member for retro gaming) and I am thinking should I just link the PC to that and add a 5.1 speaker package.

    My question is are modern games able to delivery 5.1 sound tracks etc and would this be a good move to get decent sound.
  2. Grim5


    Joined: 6 Feb 2019

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    Yes PC games will deliver 5.1 or 7.1 audio and some even have Dolby Atmos
  3. Housey

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    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

    Posts: 28,152

    Cool and thanks
  4. EsaT


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    Location: Finland

    Just remember that if amplifier has only optical input, you need DD or DTS encoder to get more than two channels through.
    Again in case of HDMI input 7.1 is possible as uncompressed PCM.

    Also for headphone gaming customizable HRTF would be one way for major improvement of immersion.