PC won't come back from sleep, screen stays black.

24 Jul 2004
Hi all.

I recently built a new i7, 7950 spec. It works really well, no problems in terms of performance. However if I leave the screen to go to standby (currently set at 15 minutes) the PC will turn the screen off and if I press any key or wiggle the mouse I get no response. It's almost as if the graphic drivers have crashed.

Also, sometimes the monitor will go to standby, and every few seconds the graphic card fan will spin up to full for 1 second, then spin down again. This repeats until I wiggle the mouse and wake up the monitor. On this sort of occasion I can wake the monitor up, but it's no good having the fans spin up so often like that.

Having read up on Google a lot of people say it's ULPS (power saving mode on the graphic card) and that I need to turn it off. However this hasn't worked.

I have tried the following:
  • Reinstalling drivers (including using Driver Sweeper in safe mode)
  • Turning off ULPS
  • Checking power save settings in windows, this is all off
  • Installing new Beta 12.4 drivers
  • Ensuring all devices are 'set to wake pc'
  • Checked it's not overheating - it's fine

I really don't know what else to try. I've just spent £1000 on this PC and the damn thing won't wake up!

Any ideas?

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