pc wont post, just replaced parts after mobo blew...

10 Jan 2006
ok just looking for a bit of help, well about 2 month ago my evga 680i went up in a rather spectacular puff of smoke, which i feared may have been down to the psu, i know most of the parts were ok, only things i wasnt able to check over were the cpu and ram, i didnt have a back up mobo to try, but i was particlularly worried the cpu would have been taken with the mobo(because where the problem occured). but with no way to find out i just had to hope for the best, i finally got round to replacing the mobo and psu with the bfg 680i and corsair hx620w

well i fitted it all together, when i turned it on, i get the fans leds etc, hear everything power up but no boot no post, the led display on the mobo give me a blank --.
do you think this sounds like it could be a destroyed cpu?
if not, any suggestions?
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14 Nov 2005
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I would be more inclined to say its memory tbh. I had a psu take out everything in my setup apart from the CPU - tough little buggers when they want to be! Of course every situation is different, it could be the CPU/Memory or even your motherboard as there are a lot of problems with the '--' error.

Go through the basics - build it outside the case with only the bare essentials attached to make sure it aint something simple like a short.

If you can test the ram/cpu in another setup or take the ram and cpu to a high street store and get them to test it for you to see if they are fubared.
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