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PCI-E/Nvidia 12 Pin PSU Cables - Using different brand cables to PSU ?

15 Jul 2008
Hi All,

I know many cables for PSU's have different pinouts for the 24 pin etc so for example you can't use EVGA 24 pin PSU cables on Corsair and vice versa.

But my question is can you swap PCI-E and say use a Corsair PCI-E in an EVGA PSU? As I don't fancy spending £40 + postage on a EVGA PCI-E x 2 to Nvidia 12pin when the Corsair one is less than half the price.

As looking at the PIN/Cable layout here: https://solosleeving.com/psu-cable-compatibility-and-pinouts/ it shows most brands have the same pinouts on PCI-E cables so surely they would be compatible correct ?

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