Pci-e slot faulty?

5 Feb 2009

A mate brought his comp round other day saying he couldnt get anything to display. after eliminating the monitor i next go for the gfx card, a 1900xt . now everything powers up but nothing is display and after bout 10 secs the comp beeps. ok i thought its gfx card related and drop in a 1950xt i had lying around, same thing happens with that, so i next try a x800xt i also have and again same thing. i then rummage out an old pci-e gfx card that draws power from the slot and low and behold it works, comp works fine.

so ok i think maybe the 6pin connector to gfx is burnt out so i try another , that didnt work neither does anyone of the 3 psu's i tried either.

now i know that the x800, x1900 and x 1950 all work.

i know the pci e slot works albeit using a much lesser card

i cant figure it out.

any help would be very much appreciated.
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