Pet Shop Video Diaries

26 Dec 2008
Theres a local pet shop near me who are also a small animal shelter which helps care for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rats and other small animals, which have been handed in by people due to not wanting to care or not being able to care for them.

I am hoping to start volunteering here and helping out around the store etc

They have recently started a youtube video diary and it would be great if you could subscribe and/or comment/subscribe to their channel to show your support.

Paws Here have also recently been fundraising to help one of the Rabbits (Eliot which is mentioned in the videos) which had been handed in to get an operation to improve its health. I managed to make a donation to pay the rest of the bill.

Check out the video diary here:

And their website:

All comments and support much appreciated :)

Thanks guys.
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