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Peterborough by-election June 6th

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by BowdonUK, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Trifid


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    The withdrawal agreement is not the same as the political declaration. The former won't be changed, with different red lines the latter may be.
  2. BowdonUK


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  3. StriderX


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    Hardly, it's been unfit forever.
  4. a1ex2001


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    They have said they would reopen the wa if we change our red lines we could for example say we will remain in the single market and customs union in which case the back stop could be removed
  5. Dolph

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    No, no they absolutely, categorically have said no such thing.

    December 2018




    Changes in the future relationship may negate the clause in the withdrawal agreement as being no longer necessary, but that's not the same thing as changing the agreement.
  6. JeditOjanen


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  7. Cern


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    Well if there's a PR system in place at national level then there are mechanisms for how to handle replacement MPs in the event of resignations, deaths and so on. By-elections as we know them would not occur in their current format.
  8. The_Abyss


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  9. ron3003

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  10. Harlequin


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  11. Murphy

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    They didn't cancel the anti-vote fraud scheme, there was a pilot scheme used for one election (iirc May 2018) and after the data was gathered the pilot ended.

    Electoral commission report (PDF)...
  12. BowdonUK


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    Most people can apply to be a vote counter, and political parties know this. So it would be easy to put party members as the counters.

    I remember being in a count as an observer and the female counter was creating an extra pile of vote stacks and after a while put them under the table. I called her out on it and she made some excuse, so I called over an official and she was removed from counting.

    But as you can imagine if the big 3 (Lib, Lab and Con) see something like that happen to a minority party I very much doubt they would say anything.
  13. Mr Badger


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    Have you looked at some of the other content on that website? Vile! SCUM! etc. It makes the DM look like responsible journalism, with lashings of Love Island for good measure.
  14. Martini1991


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    We could introduce technology.
    Our voting system is archaic.
  15. RedvGreen


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    Remember that anything a human can create, can be broken/manipulated by a human too, when it comes to technology.
  16. a1ex2001


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    You mean like a simple touch screen system where the votes could be instantly counted and centralised then the result anounced within hours of the polls closing what a crazy idea, what would John Snow do for a bonus every 5 years?
  17. Irish_Tom


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    Just to add to @Murphy's comment — Even if it was true, the council was Conservative-led when this decision was 'made' — It's hardly evidence of a Labour conspiracy to win the by-election.
  18. VincentHanna


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    My dad shared this complete ***** on Facebook earlier


    Yet the statistic used is completely misleading. Turnout among postal voters was 69.4% - That wasn't the percentage of postal votes.

    Also Labour said Tariq Mahmood

    Yet loads of his racist brexiteer friends have shared it....Social media.
  19. StriderX


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    No point in even arguing anymore with them, and they wonder why we just end up at insults. They only look to justify their choices/thoughts and when it doesnt end up with the opponent capitulating in circlejerking the bigotry, they instantly turn aggressive and derogatory, so why waste energy when you can ignore them or fling an insult before they get a chance.

    The people willing to argue in good faith and legitimately understand their own arguments are already at a position of being in a logically sensible conclusion of how their politics works out.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  20. chroniclard


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    Social media is literal poison if you have those kind of friends/relations. :p