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Phanteks Enthoo pro - anyone mounted a rad above the slide out shelf?

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Mark A, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Mark A


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    I really hate the slide out shelf and wish the case had mounting holes directly on the top panel, like the Corsair 650D. I have seen pictures of the case with an AIO cooler installed and the rad covers a lot of the mobo and looks cramped. Has anyone tried installing the rad above the shelf and then attached the fans to the shelf? Or found a way to remove the shelf altogether?

    The other option would be to mount it at the front, but then i'd be worried about the air entering the case being warm after passing through the rad and feeding my 1070ti with warm air. I do have a decent asus cooler on there though, so it should be fine.

    I'd prefer to air cool, but from what I have read the new intel i7 chips run hot and mean air cooling is out of the question if you want to overclock. So now i'm thinking of going for a decent a AIO water cooling solution. Although I might just go for AMD instead and then get a decent air cooler like the Dark Rock 4 as there doesn't seem to be any suppliers of an AM4 mount to use with my trusty Thermalright TRUE Black :(.