Phones4u/dailaphone ordering

3 Dec 2002
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I've called up phones4u today to upgrade my hands set but got through to dailaphone, which I have now learnt are the same company. After speaking to the lady over the phone I've upgraded my hands set to a SE w995.

I thought all was well until I got a text message and email from dailaphone saying to call them urgently on a different number from the one I called them previously. I called them and spoke to computerised customer service, giving my postcode and date of birth, then she just said the order was on the way on the agreed date.

Confussed why I had to call in the first place, I called the orginal order number, they took my number as it was phones4u this time and siad dialaphone will be calling me back. I just got the call back and the lady says it was a bug in the system that requested me to call them but since its passed the cut off for the next day delivery I wont get the phone till Wednesday.

Has anyone else experinced this issue ordering from phones4u/dialaphone?
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